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Rozmai Translations

(list is not exhaustive)

Constitutional Law: Amendments to the Constitution and opinions of the Venice Commission

Judiciary: Laws on the Judiciary and Status of Judges, on Restoration of Trust in the Judiciary, on the Prosecutor's Office, on the High Council of Justice, on the Purification of Government, the Criminal Procedure Code, on Criminal Misdemeanors, etc.

European Court of Human Rights: testimonies in lawsuits against Russia, hundreds of ECtHR judgments, etc.

32 policy papers of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) on quality of justice, judicial time management, mediation, etc.

Security and Defense: On Democratic Civilian Control of the Military Organization and Law Enforcement Agencies, On the State Bureau of Investigation, On Detective Activities, etc.

Economy: Principles of Public Administration, E-Procurement in Ukraine, EU Directives on: Concession Contracts, Public Sector Procurement and Public Utilities, Central Procurement Authorities, Handbook on the European Anti-Discrimination Law, etc.

Information Society: On Personal Data Protection, Freedom of Expression and the Internet, European Data Protection Law, etc.

Laws: On the Principles of the Administrative and Territorial System of Ukraine, On the Prevention and Countering of Domestic Violence, On Peaceful Assemblies, On the Civil Service, On the Unified State Demographic Register, etc.

Information technology: Concepts of Arrangement of the BGS Server Room, Requirements for Data Center Engineering Support Systems, API Specification - ToR integration to databases, ToR for APIS and carrier connections, etc.

.• Medicine: clinical trial protocols, Guide on Ensuring Good Quality Treatment & Care for In-Patients in Mental Healthcare Establishments in Ukraine, and others.

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