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Rozmai Media Center was established in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2000. Over the years, we have carefully selected the most professional conference interpreters of the country. Almost all of them have been working internationally over twenty years, almost all have studied and worked in the EU and USA, and all of them have undergone a tough certification process by the Council of Europe Interpretation Department to comply with the most demanding standards.


We do not claim we work with 100 languages. By and large, we translate from Ukrainian/Russian into English/French and vice versa, though our other certified languages are German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. However, whenever the Supreme Court requires simultaneous interpretation into Turkish, or a film should be dubbed in Greek, we would do that, too.


35 certified conference interpreters work with us all over Ukraine and, presently, in 27 other countries.


Rozmai Technical Unit provides state-of-the-art translation equipment, both conference systems to be installed that can service 4 or 5 parallel three-language events, and portable equipment that does not require installation. The unit also provides sound and video recording, online communication, etc.


The number of conferences serviced by Rozmai Media Center in the past 7 years:

2015 – 197

2016 – 232

2017 – 226

2018 – 228

2019 – 214

2020 - 216 (158 RSI)

2021 - 182 (mostly RSI)


Our Translation Department (presently 24 colleagues) has translated laws, draft laws, by-laws, codified laws, legislative expert opinions, reports, guidelines, handbooks, and collections of judgments etc. for the Council of Europe, OECD, IFES, International Renaissance Foundation, IOM, USAID, NATO, Democratic Initiatives Foundation, and other Ukrainian and international organizations.


Our CEO is Vadym Kastelli, conference interpreter certified by the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, IMF, EBRD, and OECD.

He has translated for all Ukrainian Presidents, except Mr.Poroshenko, and 9 Prime Ministers, Secretary Generals of NATO and the Council of Europe, EU Presidents and Commissioners, IMF Directors, EBRD Governors, the Kings of Sweden and Belgium (read more).

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