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Event organization and management

Rozmai offers conference interpretation and technical support, as well as turnkey event management involving comprehensive planning, organization and execution of conventions, seminars, visits, etc. We can select venues, communicate with event participants and speakers, handle their transportation and accommodation, develop and print handouts. We are also responsible for transportation and assembly of the interpretation equipment, multimedia and special equipment that includes booths, interpreter consoles, transmitters and receivers, headphones, mixers, sound amplifiers, sound and video recorders, sound splitters, etc.


Own infrared and radio systems allow the company to serve four concurrent conferences with 100 participants each where three languages are used, or two conferences with 200 participants each. Other types of equipment are designed to work in remote areas or small spaces

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Simultaneous Interpretation

For many years our interpreters have specialized in certain fields, such as law, court procedures, security and defense, economy and finance, media, medicine, and various technical areas, gaining thus profound knowledge in their fields.


Before every event, we would get as much as possible reading material from the organizers and make sure the interpreters are well prepared. Usually these texts and presentations are translated by our own Translation Department.


We have also introduced a system for interpretation quality control

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Consecutive Interpretation

Certain events would not allow the use of interpretation equipment because of the participants, room size, or personal preferences. Consecutive interpretation requires the speaker to pause after several sentences to give the floor to the interpreter. Simultaneous interpretation saves twice as much time and makes any discussion much more dynamic, so when a client asks for consecutive interpretation we would usually suggest to use our portable equipment that does not require any installation but brings all the benefits of fast simultaneity. Nevertheless, all our interpreters have huge experience of working at bilaterals and high-level meetings where consecutive interpretation requires as rapid reaction as conference interpretation.

We are always ready to suggest the type of interpretation that fits best your situation, give you advice about possible equipment, the number of interpreters, and propose you a proper solution to meet your needs and budget.

Remote Interpretation

RSI has become increasingly popular during the quarantine period. We provide remote simultaneous and consecutive interpretation via online platforms such as Zoom, BlueJeans, and particularly KUDO, a multilingual solution for video conferencing with full interpretation capabilities. This allows our clients to keep working despite the pandemic restrictions.


Written Translation

It follows the principles of translators’ specialization, involvement of third-party experts to check the accuracy of content, meticulous work of the editors, and careful quality control.

Over the years, we have translated more than 800 bills, draft laws, directives, strategies, policy papers, reports, judgments of the European Court, expert opinions from numerous international organizations, standards, textbooks, recommendations, etc. (see examples here)

Translation, Dubbing, Subtitling

Rozmai works with words and sounds: we create them, process and record them, and, naturally, translate them.

We provide full-cycle services, i.e., audio and video recording, rendering the recorded text on paper, translating the text, and doing professional voiceover, dubbing or subtitling. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise as well as decades of film and video production experience. All that allows us to translate, dub and subtitle movies, TV shows, commercials and more. The documentary Odessa Tragedy: The Bloody Trail of the Russian Spring (2016) has been translated and professionally dubbed in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

text translation
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