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Rozmai CEO and Chief Interpreter

Certified by the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe,


Top-level meetings and negotiations require not only accurate translation and knowledge of the protocol, but often diplomatic skills and lots of discretion. Vadym Kastelli has been invited to work at such special events as:

  • Budapest Memorandum negotiations

  • Meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (Brussels, Kyiv);

  • Annual Meetings of the EBRD Governors (1996-2019)

  • Speeches by Presidents Yushchenko and Yanukovych at the UN, Council of Europe, meetings at the IMF, in Davos, with US Presidents

  • Confidential talks of the EU and NATO leaders with Mr. Kuchma, Mr. Yushchenko, Ms. Tymoshenko, Mr. Yanukovych

  • Confidential negotiations of US Senators with Mr.Yushchenko

  • "Conciliatory" talks of the EU senior officials with Mr. Yushchenko and Ms. Tymoshenko

  • EU-Ukraine-Russia gas talks

  • Visits by European politicians to see Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. Lutsenko in prisons

  • EU foreign ministers' talks with Mr. Yanukovych at the height of the Maidan events

  • Visit of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to the occupied Crimea (2014)

  • International investigations into the Maidan and Odessa tragedies

  • The international investigation of the MH17 downing

  • Gathering evidence of the Russian military presence in Donbas, etc.

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