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Even a great interpreter cannot know all the terminology in different fields at the same time and translate intricate pleadings at the European Court on Monday, unbundling discussions at the State Oil and Gas Company on Tuesday, and a joint prosthesis conference on Wednesday: it would not be professional. That is why our interpreters and translators specialize in certain areas, and after many years of work they become real experts.


As a result, the President of Ukraine calls on some of us to translate his speech at the UN Security Council, others are sweating together with the Government during its nervous talks with the IMF, the Swedish Embassy invites them to enjoy the Royal Couple’s company on an official visit, while other colleagues accompany international inspectors in the areas of hostilities in the East of Ukraine.


Over the years, Rozmai has gained a reputation of a reliable and accurate partner of the leading international and national organizations for which we have been providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as written translation of legal documents, opinions, reports, recommendations and more.





Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation


European Union: EU-Ukraine Summits (2005 - 2018)

European Commission: Association Agreement and Free Trade Agreement negotiations (Brussels), EU-Ukraine-Russia gas negotiations

European Parliament: Parliamentary Association Committee meetings, official visits, EP monitoring missions

NATO: We were the first agency to interpret at all NATO Liaison Office activities 2002-2009, translate STANAGS and other documents

Council of Europe: We have translated all activities of all CoE projects in Ukraine since 2009 (130 on average a year!)

UN: visits of the UN Committee Against Torture, UNDP and UNOPS project activities, Ukraine's annual reports in Geneva

OSCE: International Election Observation Missions (2004-2019)

OECD: Anti-Corruption Network meetings, SIGMA projects (public finance management, anti-corruption reform, prosecution reform, civil service reform, public procurement reform)

International Foundation for Electoral Systems: election management

International Organization for Migration: combating human rafficking, readmission, IT projects, support to the Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Crisis Management Initiative: National Platform - Dialogue on Peace and Secure Reintegration

Razumkov Center: all conferences, roundtables, professional discussions

International Center for Asset Recovery: training courses for Prosecutor General’s Office, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office

EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine: Training courses for High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine

International Road Transport Union: Geneva regular meetings

Nestlé: conferences, meetings, seminars

UEFA: European Championship finals


Embassies of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and others hire Rozmai to interpret for their visiting high-ranking officials, delegations, conferences, seminars, etc.


We regularly interpret at various events for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, USAID projects, Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies, the European Platform for Democratic Elections, Basel Institute on Governance, Conflict Armament Research, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defence, National Security and Defence Council, numerous Ukrainian and international NGOs.

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